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Mexico wants to increase Vietnam's rice imports
Tuesday, 10 December 2013 02:26

Dan Viet - Ministry of Industry and Trade said that Mexico is planning to increase rice imports from Vietnam.

After appreciate Vietnam's rice exports, Mexico anxious to find appropriate mechanisms to Vietnam to import rice and gradually learn to invest in production in Vietnam to meet the demand for rice in domestic and export-oriented to other markets in the region.

Deputy Director of the American Market (Ministry of Industry and Trade) said Nguyen Hong Duong, now must import 90% of Mexican rice consumed in the country and is home to 75% of which is imported as grain and mainly from U.S..

Mai Huong

Dan Viet

Vietnam's rice export prices were higher than Thailand
Wednesday, 04 December 2013 04:19

Dan Viet - News Global rice prices ( ) recently reported that the export price of Vietnam rice was higher than the price of Thai's rice .

Specifically , closing last week , 5% broken rice is currently selling for $ 425 per ton , an increase of $ 15 per ton compared with last week ( and increase to $30 per ton compared with the previous month , but still down $5 per tons compared with the same period last year ) . Meanwhile , the same type of Thai rice fell $10 per ton , the price of $395 per ton ( down $ 15 per ton over 1 month , and dropped to $155 per ton compared to the same period last year ) .

In 2014: shrimp, pangasisus fisheries remain key export
Wednesday, 27 November 2013 02:00

Dan Viet - According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, In 2014, shrimp and fish is expected to continue pulling staples seafood export growth.

catra 28 6 2011

In 2013, shrimp exports far exceeding the total planned turnover of $ 2.8 billion, accounting for 43% of total seafood exports. In particular, white shrimp exports hit record with an estimated $ 1.2 billion.

In 2014, shrimp exports remained in the top seafood export market remains open due to high price. Regarding fish, lately, raw fish prices inched up, hoping the markets will recover in time to come.

The corporate market is also hoping there will be more changes after the decree on production, processing and export of fish, including specified floor price for export pangasius products.

Nguyen Phuong

By Dan Viet

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