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Why am i choose Docimexco?
Monday, 19 September 2011 02:15

Home OfficeDong Thap Trading Corporation (Docimexco) is one of the leading companies in Vietnam in the field of rice, agricultural products, processed aquatic products frozen and imported fertilizers and raw materials for agricultural production and business the property. Docimexco Corporation (formerly the Company Export Import Commercial General Dong Thap) has its headquarters in the city of Cao Lanh, Dong Thap Province, Mekong Delta, where the focus of the largest rice Vietnam. Since the public in 2007, Docimexco has expanded and flourished, such as reform of company management in a modern, new product development and diversification of industries.

After several years of operation, Docimexco has achieved remarkable achievements such as the prestigious title and export competition, the Gold Cup of Vietnamese brand, Vietnamese Golden Star, ISO 9001:2008, certificate HACPP, HALAL, BRC , EU CODE DL 239, Cotton awards golden rice, agricultural integration spirit ... In addition, Docimexco also honored to be voted into the top 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam, a member of these associations: VFA, VASEP, FAV.

Located in areas with a strong focus on materials from production and export of rice, aquaculture and seafood processing. Docimexco has created a closed system from the business associated with the farmers to meet production needs to supply the materials such as fertilizers, and pesticides. Besides fish feed not only produced for use in the system of joint stock companies, but also commercial Docimexco outside. All of that strategy to become a strong brand and abroad of Docimexco.

Industry's company has a lot of advantages to support the interest of the Government's development through preferential policies such as credit, trade promotion, tax incentives for export of rice and seafood . These conditions are always committed to help businesses expand and develop more session activity scale. Now with plans to build factories in Giồng Gloves (phase 1) and Tam Nong, capacity can be expected to double from the current approximately 350,000 tons / year when the two plants are going into operation in late 2012.

As one third Docimexco enterprise-scale capital and capacity in Dong Thap Province on rice exports, the third consecutive year the company is always in the top 10 largest rice exporter in the country, production annual export of approximately 113 branches Docifood thousand tons (in addition to 40 thousand tons of rice supply in the domestic market). Private company shares as the Docifish Corporation is Docimexco's member are importers and distributors rated as one of 10 processing plants and export fish have the most prestige and quality. In addition, although fertilizers, pesticides DASCO company (subsidiary of Docimexco) new market penetration, but has achieved initial success, the ongoing revenue growth, so that the Company The company strives to DASCO in the top five companies in manufacturing and trading fertilizer, manure largest in the Mekong Delta. Accounted for 10% of the market for fertilizer production in the Mekong Delta rice.

With production capacity and scale of the current work with the sustainable development strategy of his. Docimexco assert their brand and deserves a reliable choice of customers.

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